Review of The Buff Ultimate Indulgence!

Relax this April with a Buff Ultimate Indulgence..

Well well..when I decided to have myself a Buff Ultimate Indulgence at The Buff Day Spa I figured it would be a nice, relaxing treatment! My therapist Niamh sat me down and spoke to me about my stress levels, what I wanted from today’s treatment and went through exactly what she was going to do! Being a stresshead myself I told her that I wanted to relax, BIGTIME!

She left me to get onto the bed, face down and instantly I began to relax. When she came back and began to talk me through a deep breathing excercise while inhaling a gorgeous Thai Blend of essential oils – I was instantly in a VERY relaxed and calm state. She began to exfoliate my back removing this with hot steaming towels and then applied a gorgeous heated mask to the area. While this worked its magic, she massaged the soles of my feet and the backs of my legs with hot oils, it was heaven! She then removed this luxurious mask from my skin with hot, steamy towels and making sure I was kept toasty at all times! Before I knew it she was massaging my back, working those knots out and easing my tension away – I have to say by now I felt I was on another planet! Once she had worked her magic here, Niamh asked me to turn over and began a facial treatment, she had explained earlier that she would be giving my skin a deep effective exfoliation treatment and applying not one but two separate masks to my face also! Today wasn’t about getting blackheads uncomfortably extracted or anything yucky like that, it was all about the destressing side of the facial (although she did explain if I’d wanted extractions then she would’ve done those aswell, this was all about me and today I wanted to relax!) As my first mask worked away she gently massaged my arms and hands, I couldn’t believe how much tension there was here, but then I suppose our hands are used all day everyday! Again Niamh removed this mask with a steamy towel and applied my second mask and eye mask and then began to massage the front of my legs and feet.

At this point I was fighting to stay awake as all my worries were melting away.. Once she had finished the massage and removed my mask, she applied a heavenly moisturiser to my skin and began massaging my head, this felt divine! As she pressed in on various pressure points to release tension I felt like a queen! The two hours had drifted away peacefully and I got off the bed feeling like I never had before! Without a shadow of a doubt this is my favourite treatment! I had never been so relaxed after a massage or a treat before and I floated back to work wishing I had taken the rest of the day off!

This treatment is the one to go for especially for anyone suffering with stress, tiredness, anxiety and I have to say walking on air is an understatement as to how I felt afterwards, my skin was silky soft, my muscles had been teased of tension and my mind was calm, clear and soothed!

This April The Buff Day Spa are giving you a half price voucher for this fantastic Buff Ultimate Indulgence! You need to spend €100 on products in April to receive the voucher and its well worth it, the treatment itself – I bet – will become a firm favourite all round! It has the right amount of everything in it and really is the Ultimate in Indulgence!

Reviewed by Catherine M

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